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Organization History & Musical Philosophy
Founded in 1987 by Romanian born and Juilliard-trained conductor/pianist/organist Dr. Valentin Radu, VoxAmaDeus is a Philadelphia-based, 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit musical performance organization. Under Maestro Radu’s dynamic leadership VoxAmaDeus specializes in the historically informed performance of High Renaissance, Baroque and Classical period music for voice and/or instruments. VoxAmaDeus is recognized for the brilliant interpretation of both well-known and less-familiar music, creating audience-engaging performances of the highest artistic standards. Although VoxAmaDeus also schedules a limited number of masterworks from the Romantic era which were inspired by the “Viennese Classic style,” Vox’s well-defined performance niche is in the sphere of music composed from about 1500 to 1825 (the High Renaissance to late Classical).

Musicians perform on authentic instruments, both actual ancient instruments and meticulous reproductions of Baroque musical instruments preserved in museums. Although many may look similar to their modern cousins, the sound they produce is substantially different, especially due to the use of gut strings and Baroque bows. Several instruments that Vox’s artists employ are no longer in common usage. For pre-classical period music, we perform at Baroque pitch, (a lower pitch than do modern orchestras and most vocal ensembles, i.e., A=415, which is about one half step lower than the modern standard A=440). VoxAmaDeus comprises three interrelated performance ensembles:

Ama Deus Ensemble
Camerata Ama Deus
Vox Renaissance Consort

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Vox Ama Deus: Renaissance, Baroque and Classical music by Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven

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