Maestro & Guests
  Bach, Handel & Mozart at the Chapel in the Woods
In memoriam Ruth Williams

Soloists: Valentin Radu (organ and piano), Julie-Ann Green (soprano), Jody Kidwell (alto)

Traditionally a celebration of the great Bach’s birthday, this intimate Sunday afternoon concert in the quaint, historic Gladwyne Presbyterian Church—the "Chapel in the Woods"—is augmented by the inclusion of two other musical giants: Handel (Bach's contemporary and lifelong archrival) and Mozart (to whom Bach was mentor). Maestro and his guests will treat you to a fun selection of gems by these three "greats," with entertaining "live notes." Oh yes, Happy 332nd, Johann!

Intimate evening of instrumental and vocal solos
  March 12 5 PM Gladwyne Presbyterian Church
  Running Time: 75 minutes with no intermission.
 • 610.688.2800